Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Wind Beneath Our Wings

Personally, I was hoping that Brad Richards would be wearing an A in Nashville next year, but that was much more fantasy then reality.  Now that he has signed in New York (actually like weeks ago)  the Preds have to put some serious thought into the question.  We all know that Shea Weber will be our captain next year.  If the C was to get taken away from Weber, the entire front office and coaching staff would have to go into the witness relocation program, especially, if Weber is not signed to a long term deal.  With Ryan Suter also on the brink of free agency he will continue to wear an A on his chest. 
There is a case for Francis Bouillon to wear the extra A.  He is the oldest player on the roster and a solid defenseman.  He is fundamentally sound, as well, he wore the A early in the year.  However, we are not sure
if Bouillon will play this year.  Not to mention the fact that all three of our captains would be defensemen.

David Legwand is a viable choice to be the next captain.  Legwand holds the great distinction of being the Preds first ever draft pick.  He has only been a Predator, and he has been a good one at that.  I'd say he is good for about fifteen goals a year, not to mention his ability play shut down defense and hit empty nets.  Legwand puts his heart out there on the ice and definitely shows signs of leadership.  We all remember the day that he continuously tried to get Sergei Kostitsyn a hat trick. 

Marty Erat is really the only other choice at this point.  Marty is good for about twenty goals a year, and will also be around for a while.  Erat also wore the A at points during the year.  There is no doubt that Marty will hustle and give his all for this team, I just don't see him as a captain. 

I think that the obvious choice here as to be Mike Fisher.  At thirty plus years of age, Fish is the third oldest player on the roster so far.  In fact, when we enter the season we will have five, and it will stay that way for the entirety of the season.  Fisher has been a twenty goal scorer most of his career.  He is also the only player on the roster to have played in the Stanley Cup finals.  Fisher will be under contract for the next two years and should see an improvement in his numbers after his shoulder surgery.

Now I am not in the locker room or at practices.  My view of how these players interact with other players is limited to the few games I get to attend, and the games shown on the picture box.  There is no doubt in my mind that this team has leaders, and good ones at that.  More then that, I know that the coaching staff knows who will wear the A for us.  And finally, I know that it will be the right choice, and that the team will know it, and we will be stronger for it... Unless it is Kevin Klein.

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