Sunday, July 10, 2011

Something Missing

In the one hundred and twenty-second minute of play Abby Wambach scored the game tying goal for the United States Women's Soccer Team.  A signature moment in the history of an already storied program.  As Rampinoe kicked the ball, you could tell that the ball was going to end up in the back of the net.  None the less, when the ball hit the back of the net, I filled with true elation.  I jumped up, screamed and hugged my sister as if I had been following this team for years.  
I have been a die hard Yankees fan for years, and in being so have experienced things that no other fan base can say.  But I have never gotten to truly experience the joy of winning because it happens so much.  The Eagles almost gave me this experience a couple of years back, but came up just short to the Patriots.  Every year I enter each different sports season with new hopes and dreams of obtaining this feeling, but I am always let down.  I achieved my first small semblance of this this feeling this year when the Nashville Predators won their first playoff series in franchise history.  
After this amazing moment for the women's soccer team with hockey season only three months away, I started to wonder, will the Predators give me that feeling this year?  Have the Predators had any moments in their short history that are truly magical, not just to the team, but to the league or NHL fans in general.  To us fans, there have been many, the first tv time out standing ovation, game six vs the ducks, etc.  Yet after deep pondering, I don't know if we have yet.  There are moments in that this team has given us that we as a fan base will never forget.  There are moments that these guys have given us that have made us jump for joy.  Moments that have made us cry.  
After taking a good look at this years roster, unfilled spots and all, I see a team that may not be a Stanley cup winner.  They may not even be a playoff team, but I know in my heart, that this team will give us a moment that all the league will remember.  A moment that hockey fans will brag to their kids about watching.   

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