Friday, July 15, 2011

A Note to Fans

Blind faith is a concept that I have yet to conquer with in my life.  My mind is overly logical and looks for reason in everything, including itself, often the biggest challenge.  Yet, here we are in the middle of the summer and the Predators do not have a full roster yet.  In what can only be called, "the summer of controversy," we as a fan base have been left with many things, from a new jersey to lots of questions, the one thing we have not been left with, a top six scorer.  All this has worried the masses, but as I sat there at the Skate of the Union I realized one thing.  That I was sitting in the presence of people who knew what they were doing.  As many questions as I wanted to ask to the panel, I knew that they would have answers.  Even if they weren't allowed to tell me, I knew that they had answers that were going to lead this team where it needs to be.  As fans, it is our job to worry about what is going on with our club, to second guess what made Marty spin like a top in the open ice, and to wonder why David Poile has not signed Zach Parise to a million year deal where we not only get to have him be a Predator, but all of his off spring as well.  More importantly, we must remember that we are fans of this team.  And that yes, we should question what is going on with our team, but that we do not know half of what is going on.  The rumors that we may hear, are just that, rumors.  We must always remember that David Poile's IQ is probably much higher then all of ours.

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