Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ice of Dreams

Last night, there was crying in baseball.  If you sat through the entirety of the home run derby last night, or more likely saw the replay on Sportscenter this morning, then you saw that Robinson Cano won the most individualized event in the most individualized team sport.  In a story that was written in the 1970's, not only did Cano take the title, but his Father was the one who was pitching to him.  As soon as Cano hit the 12th home run of the final round (a record), he and his father ran to each other and shared a great embrace. Father Cano was actually a ball player as well.  Naturally I got to think about the Predators father son combos.  Obviously every Canadian players father played as well, but Luckily for us, even our American players have hockey playing fathers.  The question is, when will we have our fathers-sons moment.  Since we have no event like the slap-shot derby (NHL look into that... not), we will just have to suffice with a cup, so come Preds make your Dad's and fans the happiest men in the world.

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