Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heat is Nice but bring on the Ice

As the day progresses and I sit here waiting for the the world cup game, my mind wonders to its normal place, the Predators.  As fans we have been worried about what this Preds team will look like, so I started to think about lines, and I am genuinely confused.  My first thoughts were thus:
Sk74 Fisher Bergfors
Erat Leggy Hornquist
Halischuk O'reilly wilson
Tootoo Smithson Spaling
I am actually a big fan of these lines.  Bergfors is a big question mark, but if he plays anywhere to his potential we have a potentially devastating top line.  Well, offensively, the defense on that line maybe desired, and maybe the reason that we do not see it.  Our second line also has the potential to put up good scoring, maybe.  The fourth line could we could call the health service line, because they can shut anyone down.  Line number three is interesting, it could be extremely productive in the offensive end, but that is if Wilson is allowed to play.  I say all of this and I have left out Blake Geoffrion, mostly because the web site doesn't have  him on the big league roster.  Maybe Blake replaces Wilson or Hali. Another thing to remember is that David Poile was trying to convince Craig Smith to leave the University of Wisconsin.  Well Poile must be a damn good sales man, because Smith went pro earlier this week.  So we have to add him in to the mix somewhere as well.  The final thing to realize, Barry Trotz is our coach so, it really is unpredictable what our lines will look like exactly.  The only thing that we can be sure of, this year will be interesting and hopefully a lot of fun to watch.

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