Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A short letter to Ryan Suter

Plain and simple this summer has lots of questions for the Predators, and they all start with Ryan Suter, so here I offer a letter to Ryan Suter saying what everyone else has. Leaving would be a terrible decision for him and his hockey career.

Why would Suter leave the Preds, look around the league will he find another playing partner like Shea Weber? Weber is the best available partner on the market, the only person you could really consider better is Zdeno Chara and the Bruins do not have the cap room to sign Suter, especially with Tim Thomas doing the Brett Farve thing. Weber got second in the Norris two years in a row now, and is at the start of what seems to be a hall of fame type career. This point may also work against the Preds. Suter may want to be a number one somewhere, however, Suter wants to win and I bet that is more important to him than being a number one. Coupled with a great partner, Suter pays in front of one of the league's best goalies. Nothing makes a defenseman look better than good goalie. If Suter is looking for money, Nashville can match any offer that he is given, not to mention that Nashville is one of the cheapest cities to live in. Suter also talks of his love for farming, what better place to start a farm than Nashville?

Nashville draws many comparisons the the team that won Boston the cup, and rightfully so. Both teams had great defenses backed by a Vezina candidate in net. Neither team had a ton of offense nor did they have a super star forward that could change a game. The big difference was that Boston got scoring from all three of its defense pairs, where Nashville's normally only comes from the top pair. With Josi, Ellis, Blum and Ekholm all coming up Nashville finally has a chance to change that.

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