Thursday, January 24, 2013

Preds Blues Preview 1/24/13

Just three days after their first meeting, the Preds and Blues square off again, only this time it is in St. Louis. St. Louis took the first game of the week in a shootout, but now the Preds have a taste of winning. The Preds should be well prepared for this game, Monday nights film should allow for better game planning for tonight. Monday night the Blues looked simply dominant at times. From puck control to time of possession, the Blues kept the tempo in their favor and made it tough for Pekka and the defense. 

I suspect lines will be:
Defense Pairs

Look for the defense to try and key on Tarasenko. It is going to be tough with last change, but the Preds will have to do their best to match up the Oshie line with the with the Weber pair. 

My prediction: Blues 5-4

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